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Romina Pandora Nightstand
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Pandora Nightstand is a furniture “essential”. Nursing mothers need a storage unit next to the rocking glider for that bottle of milk or just to lay down the remote control. After the full bed conversion, a nightstand always completes your tweenager or teenager room with style and purpose.  Two push-to-open drawers provide for a lot of rooms to store books or nursing accessories Pandora cases are available with two feet styles.

Construction key facts:


W: 1015 mm – 19 1/2 inches
D: 440 mm – 18 inches
H: 1825 mm – 21 1/2 inches

All case items are equipped with wooden knobs or handles. You can customize your furniture with one our 15 handle options made in Italy with the finest metals and crystals.

Availability: Ships in 8-12 weeks.

We strive to provide all information accurately with minimal variations pertaining to coloration, grain pattern or proportions. Due to graphic limitations pertaining to media format or display settings, finishes may appear slightly different than they actually are.